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Velociraptor in my own home!!!

“Its different with that one.  When she looks at you, you can tell she’s working things out.”  Jurassic Park holds countless bits of wisdom for all walks of life, but today I find myself realizing Associate A is at a critical learning point where, like the velociraptor, he is figuring things out.

–  I am being hunted – This kid watches my every move and if I make the slightest indication I may be trying to escape his sight, he runs and pounces, or sends out a screeching wail that would stop anyone dead in their tracks.

– He remembers – Today was our third time at Creative Playtime class, and he remembered where the riding toys were stored and helped remind the teacher to unlock the door so he could grab one and get on.

– He can open doors – Associate A, much like a velociraptor, has now learned to open doors. And I am like a scared S!&tle$$ tween hiding in the kitchen.  Although more accurately, I was hiding in my bathroom trying to get ready this am, and assumed the closed bedroom door would keep him confined to our master suite .  But he escaped and went on to hunt down his unsuspecting father.

Let’s hope that big brother can live up to the role of T-Rex in this analogy and divert Associate A away from me long enough to go escape and finish my makeup.




Forbes: 7 Crippling Behaviors That Keep Children From Growing Into Leaders

Wow – great article on Forbes about how we as Parents might be sacrificing their kids long-term growth for our own short term comfort.

“Care enough to train them, not just treat them to a good life. Coach them, more than coddle.”


Here We Go!

Associate P has a wonderful disposition and is such a happy, polite child. When he decides he is ready to do something, he always states with great gusto, “Here we go!”

Taking this opportunity to learn from him, I am going to dive into blogging with great gusto.

This is 1 part a way for me to chronicle and remember these precious years, 1 part an effort to consciously find the learning moments in our day to day life, and 1 part an effort to further connect with others.  Friends, even the digital friends with whom I may never meet, provide me endless insights into life and are wonderful co-workers to vent, laugh and commiserate with about the antics of our Management Team and Associates.

So, with great enthusiasm and Gusto….. “Here We Go!!” 

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