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Someone Named Bruno is Famous?

Today I had an epiphany — one of those moments when the past makes sense because I’m living it now from the other perspective.

I vividly remember thinking my parents were so lame because they didn’t know anything about pop culture or what was cool to my tween friends and I.  My dad questioned EVERY purchase I made from my totally rad and not at all a rip off CD-of-the-month club.  And my mother took me shopping at places like Value City and K-Mart for clothes, which were mortifying to a young girl trying to be hip.

Well what goes around comes around.

Not only did I not really know or care who was playing in the Super Bowl tonight, I have zero idea who the kid singing in the halftime show was.  He looked like a 50’s do-whop singer.  My ears perked up when I heard Red Hot Chili Peppers stepping in to help the poor kid out.  My dad, who was the one actually watching the game while I was just casually in the room do other mommy things, had the same reaction I did to this questionable choice of half-time act, “Who the heck is this?”

And it hit me – BAM – in just two short years I have become a  lame parent who is void of any pop culture knowledge.   I don’t listen to hip music or see movies in the theater when they first come out.  I don’t watch Must See TV anymore.  And I have no idea what is in style this year, because I rarely go shopping and when I do it is at Ross, TJ Max and The Lamb Shoppe.

While I have been in denial, my husband has known this for a while and has tried his best to keep me up to date.  When Call Me Maybe was the rage, he showed me YouTube videos…. which led to me becoming obsessed with Share it Maybe.  This year he introduced me to TOMS shoes and Modern Family because I had zero idea what either were.  I am a better person for having both in my life now.  Thank you babe.

I’ve made a few new years resolutions this year, but I think I need to add staying culturally relevant to that list.  I’m too young to be lame and out of touch.  😦




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3 thoughts on “Someone Named Bruno is Famous?

  1. Oh dear….Bruno’s first big hit came out in 2010, likely before you were even expecting! And a girl who listens almost exclusively to country even knew this one. Apparently, your transition happened prematurely as you prepared to enter the stage of parental pop-culture oblivion.

  2. Well …. that is embarrassing. In my defense, I was pregnant for half of 2010, so I had OF COURSE switched to entirely classical music for the fetus’ sake and thus began my 3 year adventure of ballooning up and down weight that has kept me from wanting to spend money on real clothes, because they will only fit me for a month or two.

    And now that I am finally back in the pre-preg clothes (for about 2 months now!) (thank goodness I space bagged them for 3 years!) all people keep asking me is when I’m going to get pregnant again.

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