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Long time no see!

Why hello there!  It has been a little while. 8 month to be exact.  I’m sure my dozen(s?) of fans have been wondering why I so suddenly stopped writing.  There was no one reason, but I do have a few excuses.

First, and this can’t be stated enough, I’m tired.  Writing new blog posts was something I did late night or early morning when the Associates were sleeping.  While I loved writing as a creative outlet and hearing your feedback, you know what I love more?  Sleep.

Second, as our Associates have matured, the CEO and I talked more and more about being more careful with their online presence.  So much of the humor and hilarity of parenting comes from moments that might be considered embarrassing to our Associates when they are grown up.  I began thinking, “perhaps it isn’t my story to tell?” And on the more dramatic end of this logic, stories like this terrified me.  I had gotten a little passionate last summer, and didn’t want to risk opening my kids up to attack because of anything I might post.

Finally, last Summer I had begun to feel very anxious.  A dear friend had warned me that in her experience, right around when her babies would turn 3, she would have an explosion in creativity and desire to do something with her talents.  As a mother of three, this artist had done some amazing projects and even built up small businesses in this productive sweet spot, and then would back off again when the next baby came and life became all-consumed with the needs of her little ones.

So there I was, right on schedule: Associate A was about to turn 3 and I was anxious.  Mentally, I wanted another baby and thought that would solve everything. (don’t they always?) Believe me I tried, but God likes to remind me I can’t control and plan everything.   In September my heart was touched by the words of Carol McLeod of Just Joy Ministries.  She was a speaker at MOPS MOMCON (a conference for moms… get it, MOMCON?  ha!) Anyway, Carol gave a talk about embracing your season of life.  I think perhaps at this gathering of Mothers of Pre-Schoolers, most women heard her words and thought “I do embrace my baby filled days and exhaustion.”  What I heard, however, was that seasons change.  Perhaps I needed to embrace that my season was changing.

I came home prepared to follow whatever path the Lord would set for me, and open to the idea of that being something other than more babies.  Within just a few weeks, I was approached by a friend with a really unique job opportunity.  It seemed not only perfect for me and my political background, but was limited hours and lots of flexibility that would allow me to still be a full time SAHM.

So there you have it.  I began working in December…. and of course took on more volunteer work too because I have issues with saying no… and I simply haven’t had as much time to write funny tidbits for you all lately.  I hope you will forgive me!

These last few months have indeed been a season of change for our family.  The CEO and I both are so excited about new opportunities in our careers.  Our Associates are becoming little men before our eyes and astound us with their intellect.  Excitement abounds as we prepare for Associate P to begin Kindergarten in the Fall.

Perhaps most importantly, that anxious feeling I had last Summer is gone. I know the Lord has amazing things planned for our family.  And if you are lucky, it will involve a few more posts every now and then 😉


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